About Our Mission

Our Mission…

To be helping hands that serve our poor brothers and sisters in St. Jacques and…

 “Ending poverty begins with access to clean water.”

…to build a better future for the children of Haiti.


Our Mission Objectives…

  • Provide access to clean drinking water to the community of St. Jacques (water filters)
  • Provide funding for the children’s education
  • Assist in getting medical & dental care to the community (mission trips)
  • Help support the whole community by working together in a collaborative partnership (water women, survey needs,


Our Vision…

  • To drill a well so that all people in the community will have access to clean water
  • Help provide micro loans so that the community can be self-sustaining
  • Informational outreach to surrounding communities about our ministry


How you can help…

  • Pray for the success of our mission
  • Make a financial contribution – see the Contact page
  • Join our team’s efforts so that like a drop of water, we will have a ripple effect in the country of Haiti and in our community


Other Mission Work

Over the past three years Haiti Connection has helped maintain and provide education to a school that instructs from 150-200 yearly from preschool to sixth grade.  This school is part of the St Jacques Catholic church.

Other contributions

  • Replaced a makeshift church that had been destroyed in the 2010 earthquake.
  • Provided funds to have 2 different latrines built.
  • Provided funds for a satellite parish to help them build a church a couple of hours away.
  • Provided water filters for 90 families in the area.  this included training to make sure that they are using the filters correctly, paying a local man to make sure that the filters are maintained, used and replaced when needed.
  • Funded two different medical missions where more that 1,500 people were seen the first time and around 1,400 more the second time.  this included handing out medications, creams, iv’s, transportation, health traingin and the like.
  • Provided school for anne who had moved from the area to jacmel to further her education.
  • Brought and sent (via sea containers) shoes, clothing, shopping clothe bags, school supplies, blankets, hats, solar supplies, back packs for 200 children, water bottles, etc.
  • Provided food on two different occasions to more than 200 families total.
  • Funded the upkeep of the only vehicle in the area which serves as taxi for the school and provides ‘ambulance’ services to those who are deathly ill and need to go to the hospital.
  • Bought in set up solar lights so that there would be light at night time since there is absolutely no electricity in the area.
  • Repaired the generator various times for the purpose of helping with electrical needs.
  • Brought maintenance people who have helped with air flow and light in the kitchen, provide
  • Created a medical missions book of our 2nd trip.
  • Have had home visits in the area to help assess what the needs are and how we can provide some of the tools to help the people help themselves.
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