Solar Electric Installation

Because of generous donations to our mission, we were able to provide electric power to the school, preschool and church in 2021. This is life changing for Haitian children, their families, and the wonderful and talented teachers who serve St. Jacques parish and school.

Classroom Lighting
Church Fans and Lights

It took some effort to line up the resources and contractors to implement the project. We were able to use a Haitian solar energy company and keep the funds in the Haitian community. They did a wonderful job of working with the parish and meeting their needs.

Haitian Contractors at Work
Contractor Installing an Outlet
Power Inverters and Battery Storage

The electric power has been great for lighting the school and church. Prior to the electric installation, the classrooms had to rely on natural light from sparse windows. Depending on the time of day, this was challenging for reading and working on class activities. Security lighting has also been installed to keep the church and school areas safer at night. The perimeter of the buildings are now brightly lite.

Perimeter Lighting
Perimeter Lighting

Also, the power has allowed the parish to add electric fans to keep parishioners and students cool. And now, printers and copiers can be run to allow school and parish business materials to be printed and copied.

The church music group and musically inclined students are now able to perform using an electric keyboard.

Thank you for everyone who donated to our mission. This would not have been possible without your generosity.

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